Report a Cryptocurrency Scam

We are sorry that you have been a victim of a cryptocurrency scam. To report the person(s) that stole from you to the law enforcement and blockchain investigation partners of the CCC, please fill out the brief form below.

How Your Scam Report will be Used

Your report will be used for research by law enforcement and blockchain investigation firms to identify fraudulent actors and prevent potential victims from being scammed in the future.

Report Stolen Cryptocurrency

By reporting the scam, your stolen cryptocurrency will be deemed tainted, possibly leading to future apprehension of the scammer.

Make the Cryptocurrency Community Safer

Even if your report doesn't lead to a resolution of your case, we'll be able to alert other consumers of this scammer's activity.

Report a Scam

Disclaimer: The Scam Reporting Tool is hosted by The Crypto3C does not offer personalized assistance related to fraudulent investigations. For assistance, contact directly.

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