Join the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative and create a greater standard of compliance

Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative member benefits

  • Stay up-to-date with law enforcement and regulatory bodies on new research and compliance industry standards.

  • Learn industry best practices from compliant MSBs to create effective cryptocurrency regulation in your jurisdiction.

  • Collaborate with industry leaders, regulators, and law enforcement to ensure you're meeting compliance standards.

  • Share standards and best practices to create an effective, efficient, and proactive compliance program.

  • Discover red flags and trends to protect your company and consumers from cryptocurrency fraud, scams, money laundering, and human trafficking.

Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative Membership Options

Cash-to-Crypto MSBs

Members in the cash-to-cryptocurrency industry contributing to the cooperative's mission and utilizing the regulatory guidance of the cooperative to better their company’s compliance program.

Regulatory & Law Enforcement

Assist with the cooperative's mission by providing guidance, introductions to third parties, data needed for typology development, or further insight into regulatory standards.

Financial Institution

Advise cash-to-cryptocurrency providers on best practices to ensure operators' compliance programs meet standards of the cooperative.


Private enterprises that offer compliance services such as AML/BSA intelligence to improve the industry standard.

Membership Standards

Cash-to-Cryptocurrency Companies

  • No regulatory fines due to deficiencies in the provider's compliance program
  • Up to date Money Services Business registration with FinCEN
  • Established licensing or proven progress towards licensing in required states that provider operates within
  • Required Know Your Customer/Customer Identification Program using valid identification for all customers transactions
  • Anti-Money Laundering program to detect and report known typologies within the BTM industry
  • Provider receives annual AML program examination from a reputable third-party firm
  • No history of rejecting or ignoring outreach from law enforcement or regulatory agencies
  • Participation in 314(b) voluntary information-sharing program
  • Participation in blocking wallet addresses related to the cooperative's “high-risk” segment
  • Participation in blocking and contributing to the cooperative’s banned list of wallet addresses related to fraud and scammers

Traditional Financial Institutions

  • Currently banking, or willing to bank, a cash-to-cryptocurrency company
  • Demonstrated risk tolerance ensuring that cryptocurrency companies meet all standards of the cooperative
  • Established MSB program that requires regular review of its banked cash-to-cryptocurrency company’s compliance programs
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