Join the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative and create a greater standard of compliance

Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative Member Benefits

  • Stay up-to-date with law enforcement and regulatory bodies on new research and compliance industry standards.

  • Learn standards, best practices from leading companies in the industry, and leverage the Crypto3C’s datasets to create an effective and proactive compliance program.

  • Help to discover red flags and trends to protect your company and consumers from cryptocurrency fraud, scams, money laundering, and human trafficking.

  • Distinction for your contributions to the cryptocurrency landscape regarding AML, fraud prevention, and regulatory assistance.

  • Join Crypto3C members in closed-door discussions, networking, private events, and training sessions with law enforcement and private sector organizations.

Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative Membership Options

Cryptocurrency Companies

Members in the cryptocurrency industry contributing to the cooperative's mission and utilizing the regulatory guidance of the cooperative to better their company’s compliance program.

Regulatory & Law Enforcement

Assist with the cooperative's mission by providing guidance, introductions to third parties, data needed for typology development, or further insight into regulatory standards.

Financial Institution

Advise cryptocurrency providers on best practices to ensure compliance programs meet standards of the cooperative.


Private enterprises that offer compliance services such as AML/BSA intelligence to improve the industry standard.

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