Enhancing cryptocurrency compliance standards through collaboration and education.

$15.8 Trillion

Crypto transaction volume in 2021

$14 Billion+

Amount of crypto-based crime in 2021


Types of cryptocurrencies in existence

A Cooperative Progressing Cryptocurrency Compliance


Commitment to Education

Our organization provides training, guidance, and resources to cryptocurrency operators, banks, customers, tech providers, and investigative companies to create a safe and efficient industry.


Law Enforcement Resource

We train law enforcement and strategic partners in emerging cryptocurrency trends and access to data to assist with investigative or intelligence efforts.


Regulatory Guidance

We work with regulatory bodies to help them better understand the different cryptocurrency business models and ensure that regulation addresses each one appropriately.


Peer Validation

All research, white papers, and work products published by the Crypto3C will be peer validated by members of the Crypto3C and will be founded in data obtained by the Crypto3C through key contributions from members.

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