Dedicated to enhancing cryptocurrency regulations while establishing consumer-centric frameworks for public safety.

The Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative is a collaborative association that advocates on behalf of the cryptocurrency industry to establish universally accepted compliance standards, Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering best practices, and Economic Sanctions and regulatory controls.

Our Mission

We aim to enhance the cryptocurrency industry through the advancement of compliance standards among respected cryptocurrency companies, regulatory agencies, traditional financial institutions, law enforcement, and technology solutions.

Driving Collaboration

Our organization fosters an environment of collaboration and beneficial discussion between the parties within the cryptocurrency industry, to nurture legitimacy and acceptance of digital assets.

A principled cooperative growing the cryptocurrency industry.

The Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative was established to train industry participants, customers, and regulators about emerging trends, fraud prevention, investigative techniques, industry metrics, and AML typology development. The Crypto3C publishes materials to educate cryptocurrency companies to develop strong AML and AFC programs for safe and confident customer interactions.

The Crypto3C is a training resource for anyone in the private or public sector looking to better understand the cryptocurrency industry's evolving typologies and trends. Every quarter, our members host dozens of training sessions for law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

As more complex methods for cryptocurrency money laundering and scam victimization emerge, collaboration amongst our group's members, law enforcement, and regulators is vital to protect customers and companies. The Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative has created an environment for safe and effective collaboration through regular meetings, Chatham house round tables, working groups, and open forums.

The Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative will, above all else, remain a transparent resource for industry participants and the general public. We are committed to making any materials and datasets published by Crypto3C members available to all audiences.


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